Changing the way we respond to Conflict

Award winning Tower Hamlets Mediation Project

We were delighted to have been nominated and shortlisted for A National Mediation Award for Community Initiative of the Year. WE ARE OVERWHELMED TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS THE WINNER 

Tower Hamlets Mediation Project (THMP) is a new and exciting joint venture bringing community mediation back to the borough. Irene Grindell, ex director of Tower Hamlets Mediation Service, is now working with Reed Smith to provide a community mediation service to all residents in London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Mediation is a process where independent, impartial mediators help people in dispute to recognise and acknowledge their place in that conflict.

Irene has trained 27 trainee solicitors from Reed Smith as community mediators. THMP has now expanded and we are supported by 50 experienced mediators from across London, Kent and Essex. We are also working in partnership with Account3 who will provide support for the project in various ways including the use of a neutral venue for joint meetings as well as occasional interpreting support.

Community mediation is a confidential process, and is flexible to the needs of all the participants. We visit people in their own homes at a convenient time for them. If both parties  agree to meet then we arrange a joint session, in a neutral and private venue. This session takes 2 to 4 hours.

If you are interested, contact your landlord or self refer by contacting us by email, phone or the contact us form on this website.

We are here to help so please feel free to call.

THMP provides:

  • Community mediators fully insured and police checked who will visit you in your home.
  • Mediation and or conflict coaching
  • An opportunity to meet with your neighbour in a safe venue with your mediators
  • Support after the mediation with any ongoing issues regarding the agreement
  • Support to Housing Officers regarding referrals
  • Interpreting services when required if possible.
  • Support for all parties concerned through to closure of the referral
  • We will handle all aspects of the mediation and work with the client to provide any support needed throughout the referral.


If a written agreement is reached by the parties, the mediators would seek permission to share this with the HO. If permission is not granted, the mediators will provide verbal feedback regarding the resolution agreed by the parties.

The content of the mediation will not be shared.

THMP agree to share information they may happen upon regarding abuse of a child or a vulnerable adult.