Changing the way we respond to Conflict

Kielan Tayler


BA, MBA, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) Licensed LIFO®Trainer, MBTI Step I and NLP practitioner; Diploma in counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation)

Kielan is a senior change management specialist with extensive experience across a wide range of international business sectors, including five years with global consultancy, Capgemini UK Ltd.  Kielan is strongly collaborative, creates sustainable relationships with stakeholders and multinational teams and works effectively on a broad spectrum of practical change management initiatives. She has worked as a change management consultant in the public sector (HMRC, TfL, Dept for Schools & Children), with non-profit organisations, (Cheshire home) and more recently in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors.  (GSK, Astellas, Bayer, Covidien, Syngenta)  She has a flexible and outcome focussed attitude that enables her to work effectively and deliver results in large bureaucratic organisations, as well as with agile and more entrepreneurial businesses.

Kielan is passionate about developing individuals, and supporting organisations to implement and deliver change through their people. She partners with senior business leaders and works productively at all business levels as an inspirational executive coach to realise exceptional results. She helps individuals and groups clarify what their goals are, how to get there, and most importantly what they will be seeing, hearing, and doing differently as a result of achieving their goals. Culturally adaptable and highly flexible, she has recently been coaching managers and medical scientific liaison officers on how to present, communicate and engage in a memorable and impactful way.   

Kielan combines conflict resolution skills with a practical change management toolkit to help groups overcome challenges and to work effectively together. Introducing innovative decision making techniques and increasing self-awareness within the group she helps individuals to recognise and acknowledge conflict early, and to welcome difference in order to come up with long lasting and effective outcomes.

Outside of work Kielan enjoys anything marine related: Sailing, fishing, walking along the beach on a blustery day!

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